True Cashless In-App Payments with Grid App

Completely get rid of cash in your venue

  • Grid’s app-only events effectively remove cash from the equation

  • No guests leaving without paying

  • No getting cash from and to the bank

Powerful tipping module built in

  • We strongly believe in maximizing tipping so staff is happy with Grid

  • Grid let’s guests easily tip a suggested amount or a custom amount

  • We offer waiter image integration to add a personal touch

Automated order overview via email

  • Your guests automatically get an order overview emailed every time they purchase something

  • Guests can also access old orders in their profile view

Ever expanding payment options

  • Credit card payment

  • Direct debit payment

  • Google pay (coming soon)

  • Apple pay (coming soon)

Reduced accidental orders through the proven slide to pay mechanism

  • One mechanism to buy tickets, drinks & food

  • The right balance between ease of use in any party situation and avoidance of accidental purchases

  • Tried and tested with over 11000 people and 1000s of transactions – this works

We use Stripe as our ultra reliable and safe payment provider

    • You can find more information about stripe on their website


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