Integrated ticketing at unbeatable conditions

Web and in-app ticketing fully integrated and streamlined.

Adapt to your needs

Pick from several ticket configuration options

You can set up as many events and tickets variations as you want. You can create single, group or table tickets. If you want to setup a table charge or minimum consumption credits for the event, you can integrate that directly into the ticket. If you want some tickets to be more exclusive, you can create private events or guest lists as well.

Onboarding is simple

Classic web ticketing as a first touch point for your guests

Customers can buy their first ticket either in the app or via a web ticket shop. The same Grid account used to buy the ticket on the website is used to unlock the ticket in the app. Further tickets can be purchased then directly via the app or online.

No learnging curve

Buying more tickets is super fast for repeat customers

Your guests will use the same account to buy tickets, order food and drinks and get event updated. Payment details are stored once and re-used.

Ready to start with Grid?

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