Grid streamlines Table Orders: Serve Guests Faster and Better

Table orders with Grid can drastically reduce ordering times

  • The traditional waitering process has at least 5 steps (guest calls waiter for the menu, then again to order, then the waiter brings the order back to bar/kitchen, brings the order to the guest, and finally guest calls waiter to pay and tip)

  • With Grid guests get the menu, order, pay and tip through Grid and all your staff has to do is bring the order to the guests table

Average order times of just above 1 minute are possible even for venues with up to 500 people

  • Optimizing your bar/kitchen processes for this new way of ordering unlocks more streamlining potential

  • Depending on what type of drinks and food you serve and how much preparation they require

Familiar App User Experience makes It Easy for First Time Users to Set Up and Order

  • You will find that your guests need no help from your staff using grid

  • Our menu is very easy to use and has a familiar user experience your guests know from ordering food for delivery at home

  • Setting up the app for first-time use is a breeze and extra concise, so your guests can order in minutes

Menu functionality is powerful, fast and flexible

  • Menu items feature pictures, descriptions, options

  • Guests can send optional instructions with the order

  • You can edit the menu in real-time if goods are sold out

  • The menu can be used to offer services such as calling for the waiter, cleaning the table or requesting more ice

Checking in at the table is easy with our QR code

  • If your venue is set up for Grid every table has their own QR code. This QR code has 3 functions: App download, COVID-19 contact data registration and table check-in.

  • Guests who do not have Grid installed already scan the QR code with their phone to download the grid app

  • Guests who already have the grid app installed scan the QR code at the table through Grid to check in at the table and let Grid know where they are sitting

  • Covid-19 registration is an optional step that you can add to the table check in process

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