Grid for Restaurants

Curb side pick up and table orders for restaurants

• Set up reservations through the app

• Activate the built in COVID-19 registration

• Accept contactless ordering and payments

• Track everything in real time from any device

Grid App for Restaurants

Be found easily on Grid

Your restaurant will receive free exposure on Grids venue network. Finding new customers just became a lot easier.

Restaurants Overview: Grid Network
Restaurants Menu in Grid App

Allow your customers to order via Grid

We’ll completely setup your menu for you and integrate branding elements so your customers can order from anywhere for pick up or in the venue for table service.

Order pick-up, curbside and just in time

Now customers can order from anywhere and pick up their food at your restaurant when its ready. Customers are notified on order progress.

Grid App Tracking Order
Grid App: Table Check-in via QR-Code in Restaurants

Table service: Customers check in at the table and order with Grid

Table service is food ordered by the customer at the table and served to the customer’s table by waiters and waitresses

In App Payment and Tipping

Offer your customers contactless payment and tipping. Or even bundle up minimum consumption or table charge to their reservation or ticket.

Grid App: My Basket
Grid App: Payment via QR-Code

Verbal Order

Customers can order at the restaurant and pay with the QR code in their app so there’s no exchange of money

Give your customers loyalty rewards

Identify, engage and reward your most valuable customers through the app to keep them coming back.
Grid App: Loyalty Programm for Customers
Grid App: Dashboards

Data & Analytics

Our real time reporting shows you ticket sales and order data around the clock. You’ll have access to dashboards that provide you with insights to help optimize your club operations and marketing. With our vast experience in marketing, we can support in filling up your club through effective customer acquisition campaigns

COVID-19 Compliance

Grid is constantly updated and adjusted to the latest COVID-19 procedures applicable for your area. Table check in automatically prompts contact detail registration and can be easily re-used next time to speed up the process. Social distancing is improved through contactless ordering and payments.

Grid App: Contact Data Registration

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