Pick Up Orders Eliminate Queues and Speed Up Ordering

Order right from the dance floor

  • Queueing is a pain, keep dancing and order from the dance floor
  • Easy to use menu, payment and tipping all in one flow

  • The progress bar lets you know when its time to go to the bar and pick up your drinks

Allow guests to order form anywhere in the club and pick drinks up when they are ready

  • Your guests order from their phone from anywhere in the venue

  • They get a progress bar that lets them know when their drink is ready

  • Once the drink is ready, they receive instructions (map) where to pick up the drink and pick it up just in time. 

Familiar App User Experience makes It Easy for First Time Users to Set Up and Order

  • You will find that your guests need no help from your staff using grid

  • Our menu is very easy to use and has a familiar user experience your guests know from ordering food for delivery at home

  • Setting up the app for first-time use is a breeze and extra concise, so your guests can order in minutes

Menu functionality is powerful, fast and flexible

  • Menu items feature pictures, descriptions, options

  • Guests can send optional instructions with the order

  • You can edit the menu in real-time if goods are sold out

  • The menu can be used to offer services such as calling for the waiter, cleaning the table or requesting more ice

Optional COVID-19 Check-In to unlock the ordering function

  • You can set up dedicated QR codes in your venue to allow COVID-19 contact data registration.

  • Guests can then only order once they have checked-in.

  • Guests who do not have Grid installed already scan the QR code with their phone to download the grid app

  • Guests who already have the grid app installed scan the QR code at the table through Grid to check in at the table and let Grid know where they are sitting

  • Covid-19 registration is an optional step that you can add on demand.

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