Cashless payments for your event

Simple to onboard cashless payments with guest self-service web top up

Cashless Payments made easy

Modern and simple cashless payment solution for your events and your guests

  • complete elimination of cash at your POS via QR code technology
  • easy and fast credit top-up for your guests
  • super fast payment at your bars
  • no more long queues
  • real-time tracking of all transactions

Super easy for your guests

Let your guests top up on the spot at your booths or independently via their own smartphone

  • Credit top-up on your own smartphone via web-topup
  • Credit top-up at your location via fast laser scanner devices (also possible with cash)

Super fast processes at your bars

Eliminate queues and charge your guests in record time

  • Powerful devices for your staff
  • Top-up billing via laser scanner
  • Payment within milliseconds

Keep the overview

The grid dashboard gives you insight into what is happening on site

  • Monitor your sales in real time
  • localize your peak times
  • keep track of all sales
  • optimize your processes

Ready to start with Grid?

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