No internet, smartphone or cash only? Grid works!

Grid has extensive offline capabilities and solutions for emergencies, remote locations or guests who have no smartphones or only carry cash.

Guaranteed order fulfilment

Grid guest app still works on phones that have no internet

In person ordering will always work, regardless whether your guests have internet or not. This is perfect in case of cell service overload, outages or remote locations that don't have cell service at all. You still need internet to run Grid station and organizer.

Cash-only guests welcome

Guests without digital payment possibilities can do cash top-ups to their phone

We offer a simple solution for your guests that have no credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, SEPA or any of our other payment options. They can simply top up their Grid app by paying cash at cash to credit station.

A plastic card with a QR code

Grid Card allows all guests without phones to order in your venue

In case your guests lose their phone or simply don't have a phone, you can give them a Grid Card that shows a QR code that can be topped up with cash and used to pay at any in-person order Grid station just like they would with a smartphone.

Ready to start with Grid?

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