More data for better decision making

Know who your most valuable customers are through our realtime dashboards

  • See consumption data while the event is happening and reward your most valuable customers right then and there

  • The dashboards give you live data by table and item or category
Grid App Dashboard

Run experiments and track results in our dashboards to find out how to increase revenue

  • Make changes with a few clicks and have the data to properly assess the results

  • You could experiment with things like pricing, menu placements, ticket sales dates to find out what works best for you venue

Use all that data to optimize your operations in real time

  • Better data for better stock management and ability to quickly deactivate items from the menu in real time

  • The dashboard allows you to track things like time between orders made and order delivery to spot bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the processes
Grid App: Contact Data Registration

Enable fully digital COVID-19 guest registration

  • Easily get the covid-19 registration data without pen and paper
  • Have visibility on the traffic in your venue to keep up with capacity constraints

Personalize your marketing

  • Get a better understanding of how valuable different guests are and adjust your marketing spend accordingly

  • Get better data on what your customers like so you can personalize your marketing

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