Case study: Kiesgrube 2020 COVID-19 compliant app-only event series with an average drink serving time of 1 minute.

Grid was the sole provider for all ticketing and ordering within Kiesgrube 2020, a true app-only event. Ticketing including minimum consumption, table check-in, COVID-19 contact information registration and all ordering was handled through the Grid app.

Average drink serving time 1 minute (500 guests)

  • The Kiesgrube team has completely adapted to the new optimized grid processes.

  • Orders arriving at the counter were already paid for including tip, reducing staff workload for each order.

  • Instead of 4 steps: Take order, get drinks, bring drinks, collect payment/tip, there is now only 1 step: Bring drinks.

The total of 11,000 guests were introduced to the grid app through a video intro

  • The general acceptance of the app was extremely good.

  • 99% percent of all guests felt extremely comfortable with the Grid App interface and had absolutely no problems
Grid App Dashboard

The Kiesgrube team has access to a powerful, customized data dashboard that provides unprecedented real-time data

Grid App Dashboard
  • Powerful analytical dashboards helped the gravel pit team make time-sensitive marketing and operational decisions.

  • We believe that because we have actual consumption data, we can provide data that very few vendors can currently provide.

  • Our world-class engineers and business intelligence experts are constantly refining and improving our backend to better and more deeply understand this data.

All sold tickets were sold with minimum consumption. An option in the grid ticket configuration

  • Ticketing is completely integrated and definable by the organizer.

  • Guests were able to choose from different packages with different minimum consumption levels.
Kiesgrube x Grid App

Table check-in and COVID-19 contact details are handled via a QR code scan

  • When scanning the QR code for table check-in, COVID-19 contact data capture is automatically initiated.

  • The entered data can be managed and stored with the consent of the user.

  • Table check-in is also complete and the grid system now knows where to route orders to.

  • If the guest does not have the app yet, the first scan downloads the app.

A unified menu that can be used for all 3 possible order options

  • Due to COVID regulation, the Kiesgrube offered table service only.

  • However, in normal operation, the same menu function can be used for pick-up orders (i.e. orders from the dance floor) or personal orders at the bar (payment via each guest’s personal QR code).

Pay and tip digitally with a reliable slide-to-pay mechanism

  • We have designed the payment mechanism so that it is easy to use in any situation, but at the same time would avoid an accidental order.

  • After running tens of thousands of orders through the system in the sometimes hectic party environment, we were happy to report that partygoers had virtually no problems.

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