Grid offers in-app and web based ticketing at unbeatable conditions

Replace Tokens with In-App Minimum Consumption Credit

  • Plannable guaranteed revenue through ticket Minimum Consumption bundles

  • Further, reduce fees as goods purchased by minimum consumption credit are not charged

  • Avoid Token related queuing and processes

  • Minimum consumption credit can be valid for one event or a whole event series which can increase customer loyalty

Buying more tickets is super fast for repeat customers

  • The same easy slide to pay mechanism to buy drinks and food is used to buy tickets as well.

  • Your guests will use the same account and same app to buy tickets, order drinks and food as well as contact registration.

  • Payment details are stored once and re-used.

Classic Web Ticketing as a first Touch Point for your Guests

  • Customers can buy their first ticket either in the app or via a web ticket shop.

  • The same Grid account used to buy the ticket on the website is used to unlock the ticket in the app.

  • Further tickets can be purchased then directly via the app or online

We offer several ticketing options

  • You can set up as many events as you want

  • You can set up different ticket types per event

  • We offer individual or group tickets with minimum/maximum group size per ticket

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