Fully customizable loyalty program to boost sales and guest retention in your venue

Create custom challenges to

  • Challenges can be hidden or actively communicated. Creating unexpected rewards experiences

  • Businesses get to choose from a catalog of standardized proven challenges that reliably drive consumption

  • Businesses are encouraged to modify and propose new challenges

  • Grid measures user engagement with challenges and enables businesses to find their best performing ones/li>

Points convert into levels that define your status and unlock global and local challenges and rewards

  • Acting as an intermediary achievement, levels bring higher value rewards with them than pure point progression

  • Points required for leveling-up increase exponentially, determining a users level and status

Rewards are real world tangible benefits

  • Rewards can be elevated access rights, preferential treatment, discounts, invitations, freebies and many more

  • Rewards are always given on a local level but can be connected to global statuses, levels and badges

  • Rewards are represented through badges in user profiles

Badges are free virtual instant gratifications that tap into our hunter-gatherer brains

  • They are highly sought after collector items

  • Similarly to mobile gaming experience badges are gratifications that happen instantly

  • They make up your profiles and define your identity

  • They allow businesses to individualize Grids reward system to their environment and allow for powerful and precise lead generation

  • Badges also level up so you can target different tiers of engagement

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