Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does Grid cost?

You can find our prices on our pricing page. If you have any further questions, please contact us to receive a custom quote.

How does GRID work?

The Future of Events, Digitalized. With interfaces for both guests, and hosts, GRID enables events to take place, completely contactless and digitally. With GRID, long lines and guest lists, cash transactions and face-to-face ordering, lost tickets and wristbands, (not to mention smudged morning after stamps) are no longer a thing. With the vision to earn status, collect badges, build-up loyalty and more. When you go out, GRID gets you in.
  • Ticketing: Purchase tickets from within the app. Scan your personal QR at the door to access the event.
  • Personal QR code: You’ll get a personal QR code, which you can use to pay for anything in the club or event, including tickets, drinks and tips.
  • Order drinks in-app: Order drinks through the app and skip long lines at the bar. Get notified when they’re ready for pick-up.
  • Keep control of your spendings: GRID allows you to look at all your previous orders.

Does the Grid App replace my business’s current POS system?

The Grid app offers your business and your guests an additional, above all convenient way of processing orders and cashless payment. Grid App acts as an intermediary between you and your guests, transfers the collected money and receives a commission for each successful order transfer.

This means that Grid is not a cash register system. The recording of the order and therefore the creation of receipts as well as the allocation of the payment (in the best case Grid is stored as “payment type” in your accounting) must still be processed via the existing internal cash register system. Grid does not offer any invoice or receipt creation for your business.

The transfer of the processed orders into your POS system is therefore completely your responsibility. For this purpose, we provide you with reports in CSV format, which can be adapted to the individual needs of your accounting department, but for which any liability and warranty are excluded.

In addition, we are currently working on the technical connection to the most common POS systems.

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