Grid for Events

State of the art ticketing and 3 order types

Ticketing with optional minimum consumption. 3 ordering methods in one app: table, pick-up and in-person orders. Integrated payment and tip processing.

Reduce guest interaction

App ordering to reduce staff to guest interaction

App supported ordering can drastically reduce the need for staff to guest exposure

Your team receives pre-paid and pre-tipped orders via Grid and simply delivers them to the table

Alternatively, we also support no-queue pickup orders

COVID-19 registration

COVID-19 contact data registration is necessary to order

Grid has the COVID-19 check-in integrated into the app

Customers NEED to fill in their data to order food or drinks via the app

For four weeks after filling it in, the data is stored and reused for all events in that period and after that gets deleted to comply with data privacy regulations

Eliminate cash

Every order is now pre-paid and 'pre-tipped'

Users pre-pay every order directly in the app, removing the need for cash to circulate and for credit card terminals to be used by multiple people 

You can setup minimum consumption tickets or reservations in the app and have orders deducted from that to eliminate tokens

Table orders

Order option 1: Table orders with table check-in and pre-paid app ordering

Guests do not need to talk to staff to order, pay and tip – it’s all through the app

The waiter simply delivers the prepaid order to the table

Table check-in is connected to the COVID-19 contact data registration

You have a perfect understanding where each guest is seated in your venue

Pick-up orders

Order option 2: Just-in-time pick-up orders

Guests are called to the bar the moment the order is ready to be picked up

This eliminates queueing and exposure for people that are not ready to be served

Only people that pick up drinks are at the bar or pick up point

Orders are also prepaid and pre-tipped

Staff knows which guests receives which order through QR scan or order number match

The guest is informed of order progress through a progress bar and notifications

Social distancing

Minimize and speed up queues and support social distancing at your event

Entering a club: With GRID, venues can sell tickets or seat reservations, making it easier to manage the club capacity. Also this means each customer has a QR code they can scan to quickly enter a venue and avoid lines

Coat check: Customers can check-in their coats with a QR code. When they want to leave, they’ll get notified that the coat is ready for pick up to avoid queues

Data insights

Data & Analytics

Our real time reporting shows you ticket sales and order data around the clock. You’ll have access to dashboards that provide you with insights to help optimize your club operations and marketing
With our vast experience in marketing, we can support in filling up your club through effective customer acquisition campaigns

Grid App Dashboard