COVID-19 contact registration directly in the app

QR code activated COVID-19 registration directly in the app

  • Grid has the COVID-19 check-in integrated into the app so you no longer need pen and paper for it

  • Once the QR code on the table is scanned, the table number, guest name, phone number & address are stored in the app

Users can only order once they've filled in the registration form

  • Customers NEED to fill in their data to order food or drinks via the app to their tables

  • For pick up orders however, a venue can choose to have it or not depending on whether this is curbside pickup or in-venue pickup

The data is stored to the legal limit making it easier for guests to submit the form with a click of a button

  • For four weeks after filling in the form in the app, the data is stored and reused for all events in that period

  • After that, it gets deleted to comply with data privacy regulations

You'll have a live overview of who's done the registration onsite

  • The live overview helps you make sure that the number of people who have checked in corresponds with the number of people onsite

  • It also allows you to make sure that the data being inputted by guests looks correct

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