App ticketing and ordering for events

Sell more tickets and drinks. Launch promotions and communicate with guests. Works offline too.

End-to-end ticketing

A fully integrated ticketing solution

Guests find your events on the web and buy tickets that they redeem in the app.

Configure your tickets as group  or single tickets, setup guest lists or integrate minimum consumption credit in the ticket price.

3 order types in 1 app

Pick-up orders, table orders and in-person ordering at the same time

Your guests can view the menu, make orders, pay and tip through the Grid app.

Digitalizing ordering reduces guest waiting time by 60%,  increases average spend by 20% and reduce incorrect orders.

Reliably serving all your guests

Full event solution with offline capabilities

Everything contactless and in the Grid app

Offline use of Grid is possible for guests

Guests without a phone can use our backup QR cards

If your guests only have cash we offer a cash to Grid credit solution

Built-in features to communicate with guests

Revenue boosting targeted promotions

You can launch different types of promotions and choose which guests to target.

Digital last call

Our ‘last call’ feature has led to 3.4X the expected revenue for the last hour of the event and our happy hour led to 2.5X the sales for the promoted brand.

Happy Hour

Guests spend less time waiting and more time having fun

Ready to start with Grid?

What our clients say about Grid

Ready to start with Grid?

Learn more about how Grid would fit in your venue and learn more about our pricing.

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